Intelligent Walk-through High-Precision Metal Detection System

Model: WMD200


Intelligent Walk-through HIGH-PRECISION Metal Detection System/IMDS created by Huaton is a Groundbreaking Metal threats Detection System, designed for faster screening of passing people, even with their backpacks, purses, and bags, etc. for the detection of a large variety/number of Metal Threats, such as regulated knives, firearms, flammable and explosive containers, pipes, and other prohibited metal items.

“INTELLIGENT”, is the typical characteristic relative to legacy walk through metal detectors. INTELLIGENT is powered by Patented “Metal Classification Detection” technology. It can intelligently identify, classify, and not alert for common personal metal items instead of filtering small metals by reducing the sensitivity, thus distinguishing the metal contraband from the daily necessities, and only alarming the metal contra-bands.

Key Features

High-precision contraband detection performance and low false alarms

Not Alarm

Support quick setting and parameter adjust via the “SET” LCD with touch panel.

Through alarm monitoring tablet, the user can view the real-time video, alarm information on the body figure image including alarm zone, alarmed objects material and shape graphic, captured photo, pass and alarm count etc.

The system configure an embedded AI edge-computing host which supports alarm data collection and storage, video input and AI algorithm running, connection with monitor tablet and cloud platform.

The system configures one or two HD camera, supporting to display the real time video and capture the photo of passing person which will be bundled together with according detection result.
Alert notifications can be sent in real-time to a Security Operation Center, monitor tablet or mobile phone App, computer-based browser from cloud platform, Video Management System (VMS), Access Control System, and more. The alert system can also be further integrated with other business software.
The system supports to be connected with the control cloud platform.
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