Detail-Testing and Compliance

The device uses low-frequency electromagnetic technology, dynamic non-contact detection, and meets EMC electromagnetic radiation standards. It does not harm humans, medical devices like pacemakers, pregnant women, kids, or electronic devices.

Third Party Lab Tested Safety Compliance

  • EN 45502-2-1:2003. (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • EN 45502-2-2:2008. (Implantable defibrillators)
  • ISO 14117:2019. (Cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices)
  • ISO 14708-1:2014 (Implants for surgery)
  • ISO 14708-2:2019 (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • ISO 14708-3:2017 (Implantable neurostimulators)
  • ISO 14708-4:2008 (Implantable infusion pumps)
  • ISO 14708-5:2020 (Circulatory support devices)
  • ISO 14708-6:2019 (Implantable tachyarrhythmia treatment devices)
  • ISO 14708-7:2019 (Cochlea implants, auditory brainstem implant systems)
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