Detail-Security Accuracy

For Weapon Detection, The customer has the option to change the Security Standard settings in the IWDS or through walk-through weapon detector according to their threat matrix.  In addition, the sensitivity can be changed up or down (three levels) according to the use case and customer goals. The sensitivity can be easily increased for added security, however, the nuisance rate of false alarms will likely increase. In terms of the nuisance rate of false alarms, we have observed that in the average crowd, a rate of about 5%. So, in a group of about 100 people going through, generally, about 5 will set off the alarm (for a range of reasons);


For Small Metal Detection, The default setting is to maximize the likelihood of finding “the size more than Coin (about 2cm diameter)” type of metal (or larger style), while also discriminating and not alerting on belt buckle, metal clothes button or common personal items

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