Detail-Cloud Center

Alert notifications can be sent in real-time to a Security Operation Center, monitor tablet or mobile phone App, computer-based browser from cloud platform, Video Management System (VMS), Access Control System, and more. The alert system can also be further integrated with other business software.  Most clients choose to send proactive alerts after they have been confirmed by the guards running the system to a predetermined escalation path if someone walks in with a contraband. The alert contains the location, date/time stamp, contraband material and shape, image and capture photo.
The edge-computing host transmits the alert data to Cloud Platform which offers analytics to help you understand your Metal Detection System and gives you the flexibility to add 3rd parties connections.

The Cloud Data Platform is made up of:

Real-time alert
Real-time alert resolution
Digitized Incident Reporting
Report and Analytics
Enterprise User Management
Organization Management
Device Management
Guard Check-in Management
Alert Records Checking
Dashboard GUI
Face Recognition Management

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